Molvania’s national anthem was chosen in 1987 as part of a competition, with the winning entry coming from an elderly local composer V. J. Rzebren. It is sung to the tune of ‘What a Feeling’ from Flashdance, with the third verse generally considered optional, as it is in contravention of EU laws against racial vilification.

Prijati i-vse prost! Zvet bragk le sosed ne
Kjo rjopak tavo gArbus jket szor
Tegul dirba Lietvej Tegul zvut stker
omov dskvi A to jre ta inach mysl.

Prej luk vdes po jkads kremt vse-toi
Bjor eshte qe djeshmor rteh
Ejum je ta zvor kre zsovortkis
Ejum und das sjorgem flai.

Verbot! Skuig vas-klem svethum
Stumz stum plais-dein stumz!
Semia tzasumus vo dirba po
Ozivla ki vtopio bo-le skbri.

We stand now vigorous and prospering
Forever united by our peoples
Brothers within frontiers are we
Supping upon the bounty of our home.

Strife shall be banished and freedom reign
Our women fertile as our seeping plains
Let not the heroic past be forgotten
But the glorious future stand.

Harmony and peace shall reign
All invaders will be crushed
Crushed we sing now, crushed
We shall drive the gypsy curse from our land.

The Molvanian ‘trikolor’ is unique for the fact it only has two colours.
After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Molvania was the only ex-Soviet state to retain the hammer and sickle. So enamoured were they with the symbols of workers’ unity, they added a third tool – the trowel.
This extract taken from MOLVANIA – a land untouched by modern dentistry