Special Events & Festivals

From parades and pilgrimages to rodeos and colourful tiroteos (public executions), just about every month in San Sombrèro includes a festival of some sort. Many are linked to the Roman Catholic calender, with Easter easily being the biggest holiday of the year, although November’s Monster Truck Parade come a close second.

While Carnivale is perhaps the most widely known of San Sombrèro’s festivals, it doesn’t take much for spontaneous celebrations to break out; a local saint’s birthday, a sporting victory, the arrest of another government minister – all can lead to a party. Traditional dances and music form an essential part of most events, along with a procession behind some revered holy image or logo belonging to a major sponsor.

Note: As a general rule, San Sombrèrans are not very good on dates. Thus, the day before Rememberance Day is known as Reminder for Rememberance Day Day. Also, precise dates may often vary – don’t be surprised if May Day celebrations actually take place in July.

Members of San Sombrèro’s Despotic Youth League prepare to march.