The Jetlag Story

The story begins in 1978 when three friends, Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner and Rob Sitch spent a year travelling through Southeast Asia and Europe. Disappointed with the lack of decent guidebooks available to young travellers, they decided to write one themselves, undertaking extensive research during the course of their trip. Upon returning home, however, the boys discovered that all they had were a few notes scrawled on the back of beer coasters, along with the phone number of a waitress in Manchester and a photo of some hills.

Despite this lack of solid source material, the three set about producing their first book, hand-typing, editing, stapling and even proofreading the manuscript themselves. Europe on a Shostring proved to be an instant hit, its first print run selling out within days (there were, admittedly, just three copies), and marking the birth of an exciting new player on the travel book scene.

Since then Jetlag has gone on to publish over 100 separate titles, including guidebooks, phrasebooks, activity guides, maps, newsletters and a popular collection of erotic travel stories.

While Jetlag Publishing is now a multinational enterprise, employing close to 300 staff around the world, Santo, Tom and Rob’s ethos has always remained the same: all profits go to them.